Corporate events are a wonderful way to arouse human bonding, to spark creativity and boost productivity in your team when activities and experiences are well chosen. The best events often include exciting and innovative experiences to break the ice within the team and boost everyone’s morale. Here is a list of nice ideas you can incorporate into your corporate events to amuse your attendees. The more your guests get involved, the better relationships are built which has a positive impact on productivity and personal involvement within the company.

VR Game Experiences

Lots of VR rooms have started to pop up almost everywhere, but still only a minority of person has tested VR games. Using a VR headset and controllers is easy and doesn’t require to be a gamer. Games can be picked in large catalogue, and some are highly adaptable to answer some company’s specific needs such as helping with problem-solving or working on core skills in a way that is really fun.

Inflatable games

This is an idea that will seduce those who are a child at heart. Inflatable games are fun and could be rented easily for a fun animation during an outdoor event. You can organise an inflatable obstacle course and pit teams against each other for a bit of competition.

Indoor trampoline

For cold seasons, indoor trampoline is a good alternative to inflatable games. It’s equally fun, still athletic and out of the ordinary. As well, you can create a kind of contest to determine the best figure or choreography.

Party bus / VIP Shuttle

A perfect solution for event transitions is to rent a bus with all comfort necessary to keep the party going on. This allows corporate event attendees to continue team-building and games on the move without separating the group.

Photo Booth

A corporate event without a photo booth? Not possible anymore!  You can easily rent a photo booth or even download an app for a homemade photobooth. A simple glitzy drop curtain combined with favourable lighting and you’ve got budget friendly memories and plenty of branding opportunities.

Murder Party

Throwing a mystery or murder party is a great idea to improve team collaboration as people need to interact with each other in order to resolve the mystery. Everyone has a role to play, which comes with personal information. You’ll have to see that like a puzzle (kind of), as each piece of information put together with others will make you see the global picture and resolve the crime.

Escape Room

This activity can be done in small groups, each group trying to leave the room in less time than the others. Escape rooms require some skills to perform best: leadership, collaboration, listening skills… but also deduction and reasoning skills.

Wine tasting

Employees need constantly to better know how to work together. It’s necessary to have moments, where you have to let go, get out of your context and create real human interaction. Wine tasting is the perfect activity for this.

Gourmet Tour

If you organise a corporate event in a beautiful city, think of gourmet bus to visit in a chill mode. A perfect way to balance a more adventurous activity to satisfy everyone. Some bus offers a truly qualitative service with delicious food cooked by a renowned Chef.

Casino Night

Casino theme is often a big hit for corporate events and the mix of competition and handling money can be thrilling for some. A great idea would be to create your own branded currency that could be converted into some kind of rewards or company incentives if you win big amounts.

Rock climbing

For the ones wanting an adrenaline rush, rent a mobile climbing wall! Great for the competitive edge, team-building and bonding because of the heights factor which can be challenging for some so requires everyone to work together to reach the top.

To conclude

Corporate events can be used to spark creativity, innovation and productivity in your team, particularly if you choose exciting activities or experiences. Just make sure to incorporate them into your message and cater to everyone.